Fertility – Nurturing the Soil for Planting the Seed

Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive a child from unprotected, well-timed intercourse over the course of a year.  Given that definition, there are many people who try for only a few months before they decree themselves barren and seek outside help from a specialist.

For some, the desire to reproduce is powerful and there are a flurry of emotions which can cause the woman (or couple) to feel anxious and desperate when faced with difficulty getting pregnant.  Usually, the next step for the couple is to start calling all the local infertility clinics and setting appointments and consultations to figure out what’s wrong.  All forms of medicine, from conventional to eccentric, become a possible option to fix this “problem”. But, before any appointments are made, the woman (and possibly, man) should first look within herself to ascertain if her current lifestyle is negatively impacting her body and if she can make positive changes to enhance her fertility.

A balanced body, mind, and spirit should be the mother-to-be’s goal in fulfilling her wishes in becoming pregnant. There are key lifestyle ideas that we recommend as a foundation for any couple wanting to procreate.  These ideas can complement any number of outside therapies and will improve the chances of pregnancy success if the need for assisted reproductive technology (ART) arises.

Listed below are 6 suggestions that can create a more fertile environment for planting the seed of life. Making these adjustments in your daily routine may be just the thing to tip the scales in your fertility favor!

1.  Think Pregnant – Imagine yourself pregnant. Imagine yourself healthy, radiant, happy, and carrying a healthy baby inside of you. Look at yourself in the mirror.  Stuff a pillow under your shirt and visualize a pregnant belly. Think about what it would feel like to be pregnant, the joy growing inside of you. Do this every day. This exercise is a mental preparation and meditation for you.

2.  Be Positive – If you don’t think it will happen, it probably won’t.  This applies to life as well as conception. Set yourself up for a positive experience by thinking that you can do it.  Because in most cases, you can!

3.  Exercise – Exercise is a way to relieve stress, release endorphins, and distract you from obsessing about getting pregnant. Find a way to do some form of moderate to strenuous exercise a few times a week.  A healthy body is more capable of handling the extra effort required to grow a fetus.

4.  Manage Weight – Maintaining a healthy weight puts less strain on your own body physically and metabolically.  Extra fat can alter the estrogen levels in the body.  In the other direction, a certain % of fat is required for certain bodily functions to occur.  Compare your body measurements to a body mass index (BMI) and check to see if your weight is within normal range.

5.  Eat Healthy – Cut out artificial sweeteners/flavors, soft drinks, alcohol, drugs.  Reduce intake of dairy products, fried foods, caffeine.  Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic. Eat meats that are hormone-free, mercury-free, and as natural as you can find.  In a nutshell, try to eat as many unadulterated foods as possible.

6. Find Peace – Find a quiet place in the home, or in the neighborhood park to visit every day.  Use this location to sit for a few minutes and clear your head.  This means turning off the phone, the radio, and your conversation with the rest of the world.  Just sit and relax.  Let your mind dissipate away the constant chatter and inner monologue for 5-15 minutes a day.  You should only focus on one thing during this time, deep breathing.  Deep inhale into the belly (where your baby will grow), and exhale slowly.

Give your body 2-3 months to build up and maintain this new adjustment to your activities.  These suggestions may be all that you need to create a warm, nurturing, safe, comfortable environment inside your body for life to begin!

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