CA – California Pushing for Acupuncture to be Covered By Insurance


Some of us acupuncturists treat patients on a cash only basis.  Others accept insurance.  Regardless, we all know that only certain insurance companies cover for acupuncture.  These insurance companies control the way medicine is used in the U.S.

Now, there is an effort being put together that is trying “to get every healthcare service plan, except a plan that enters exclusively into specialized health care service plan contracts, and every disability insurer issuing policies on a group wide basis, to provide acupuncture coverage under those terms and conditions as may be agreed upon by the parties.”

If you are in favor of such a plan, please contact Assemblyman Mike Eng to find out what you can do to support it.
Note that there are pros and cons to this bill.  Understand what you are voting for before doing so.  But, also understand that doing nothing only does nothing for the acupuncture community.

Read more about it here:

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