Someone’s Stirring the Pot of Medical Research…And Look What They’re Finding!

Medical research and the clinical studies that form the basis of what we believe is “valid medicine” is being scrutinized.  Many of these studies are flawed in some way.  But, most of the public hears the good news first, never to hear the bad news later.  Heralded as the next greatest cure to high cholesterol, only later to be withdrawn for ineffectiveness in another study done years later.  But, the money’s already been made and the checks have already been cashed, and the cost gets passed to the consumer.  False medical claims can hurt patients’ health and finances.  Billions of dollars ride on these research studies.  Poor clinical trials can bankrupt businesses.  There’s a lot at stake.  Understand what is happening in these clinical trials.  Trust the clinical trials that have produced results over the long term.  Rely on those with results that are reproducible and have been randomized and controlled.

Enjoy the article linked below!

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