US – Why L.Ac.’s Need to Support an Acupuncture Organization

Hear ye, all L.Ac.’s!  I’m calling out to each and every one of you!  I say, to acupuncture practitioners, teachers, students, researchers and anyone that cares about keeping acupuncture as a profession.  We need to push acupuncture forward to capture the eyes, ears, and minds of the medical industry.  We need to organize ourselves!

I know the demographic of people who usually enter acupuncture school, is one of strong desire to practice a more natural form of medicine.  It is a demographic that is bent on a strong sense of individualism.  You are the type of person that wants to run your own practice.  You want to do things your way.  You don’t want to have to cut through a lot of legal red tape and statutory demands that seem to bog down other medical professions.  You want to help heal people and that is your main focus.

I know who you are.  You are just like me.  We are one and the same, L.Ac., but we don’t act like it.  After school is over, and graduation is behind us, we scamper off, eager to build our own individual acupuncture operation.  We want to work at our passion in sharing everything about alternative medicine.  And, it is not until some law or regulation that binds our feet in practice, do we raise our hands in disbelief, and raise our voice in question.

The problem is that one voice may be loud enough to fall on a few ears, but that voice fades quickly.  One voice does not carry very far.  Two voices, though, can be heard more strongly, and three voices even more so.  With enough voices, we as a profession can be heard loud and clear all the way to the state Capitol building, and maybe even on to the Hill.

To be heard, we need to assemble ourselves and band together.  By uniting, we as a profession become a stronger voice, a stronger force.

At this point, there are many organizations that are trying to band licensed acupuncturists together.  They are trying to create a synergistic body, one that is greater than the sum of its individual parts.  They want our voices to be heard in the judicial halls of the city, state, and country, because that is where your acupuncture legislation is stamped for approval.

These organizations are pushing for your ideas, your laws, your future in the profession of acupuncture in the United States.  So, I ask you to support them in their effort.  Because their effort is what is creating your occupation.  Join something.  Join anything.  Support your acupuncture profession with your words, with your voice, with your heart, and if you can, support with your wallet.

Because without these acupuncture organizations, you don’t exist.

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